01 Far
02 The Prophecy
03 Another day
04 End of the road
05 Boundaries
06 Eye contact
07 Second eye contact
08 Reflexion
09 Together
10 Back



The story of Far and Back begins in 2002 with the search for a special musical instrument. A piano, but not any piano. An old piano out of tune, failed in a secondhand store, which obviously had ended its life, but remained however inhabited by a rich musical story.
To set this piano as the first stone of the project was a way to take the contrary of the modern technologies, and to build a fragile but sincere sound material rather than making a musical performance.

Little by little this tired piano faded out from the tracks that it had given birth to, so that only a shadow remains, furtive but essential: poetry.


Far from the traditional plans, "Far and Back" is a real story through a sound journey which calls for an eternal new beginning…


Stephane PACHOT (vocals, guitar, bass, piano) Veronique GROUX DE MIERI (Voicals)
Nathalie WALLER (viola, viela, dilruba)
Franck CHOQUET (guitar)
Pascal FLORK (bass)

Music, lyrics and arrangements: Stephane PACHOT (P) & © SELFISH MUSIC 2005 recorded by Stephane PACHOT at ALAME Zone studio (France) Mixed produce by Pascal FLORK in Barben Town (France) Mastering by Steve KITCH audiomaster Yeovil (UK).

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